7 powerful muesli benefits

As the old saying goes, first meal of the day is very important, and you don’t want that meal to be something unhealthy But muesli and granola on other-hand is full of nutrients, protein, anti-oxidants, and these are some of the things that your first meal should be full off. Apart from all the vitamins and minerals both have amazing health benefit which helps you in the long run.

Serious breakfast eater’s like me know what muesli is.

Muesli (pronounced Mews-li) is a cold oatmeal dish based on ingredients like grains, nuts, seeds, and fresh or dried fruits mixed. It packs a powerful punch of nutrients with it and on that, it tastes even good.

Muesli was never intended to be served as a breakfast.

Muesli was created by “Maximillian Bircher-Benner” in the 1900s from Switzerland for his hospital patients. It was a big hit and after that, it is consumed as a standard breakfast dish. In Switzerland cafes now it’s being served with bread, butter & jam.

It was served with milk, yogurt, or fruit juice to make oats soften before it was being consumed.

Even people with no will of eating good can munch on it.

As I’m writing this article I have a bowl of muesli by my side.


I’m going to lay out some of its benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Muesli –

Healthier –

It’s full of oats and fruits which taste good, and we all know the benefits of nuts, oats .

You even have the option to totally avoid sugar.

It can be also customized according to one’s need and you can even cut down on the extra calories by adding or subtracting the ingredients that you don’t like or you’re allergic to particular ingredient.

As everyone doesn’t have time to make their breakfast some are getting late for work, some are just tired, usually we all are in hurry so they rely on packed cereal, that are unhealthy and full of sugar but when muesli is compared to them It has less sugar, and calories packed with full of amazing health benefits.

Stay Fuller –

We eat when our body requires energy and muesli packs a good amount of energy that makes you last more when compared to other cereal. It takes more time to digest because of all the fiber and whole grain and you won’t be munching to eat something unhealthy and on top of that oats is high on containing resistance starch making muesli fuller breakfast, and your body burn’s more calories trying to digest it. Calorie intake and burning both done.

Great! isn’t it.

You can scratch workout out of your list. Just kidding it doesn’t burn up that many calories so do a workout.

Avoid unhealthy eating –

Why do we eat anything unhealthy or crave something to eat?

The particular reason for that is whatever you had for breakfast isn’t providing enough nutrients, and energy that you require to function properly. So soon after your breakfast you find yourself chewing onto something unhealthy.

Starting your day with muesli and you will be blessed with a full stomach & Staying fuller eventually lead’s you to avoid eating any unhealthy food that you munch on while office break or hanging out with friends. This in turn will also help you get rid of unhealthy eating habit and help you lose weight in long run.

Heart Health –

Muesli contains oats.

Oats are said to be rich in fiber and fiber is good for the heart. It includes an oat fiber which is known as  “Beta-glucan”. Some research show’s that Beta-glucan can help reduce cholesterol levels up to 10%.

So eating muesli on regular basis will lead you to have a healthy heart. Healthy heart that’s one less thing to worry about in old age.

Healthy heart = healthy life.

Rich In Fiber –

Muesli has a considerably good amount of fiber and there are many benefits of fiber nutrients in the body.

Such as

  • Normalizes Bowel movements (fiber Increases the weight and size of your stool and softens it).
  • Helps you maintain good bowel health.
  • Lower cholesterol level so good for the heart.
  • Control’s your body’s blood sugar level.
  • Prevents Constipation

All these benefits of fiber sum’s up to a healthy life and help’s you live longer.

Tastes good –

Simply to put it, we don’t eat healthy because it doesn’t taste good.

what would you choose as your dinner option a pizza or something healthy and not as tasteful as pizza?. No comparison right.

Eating at Mcd or some other fast food for breakfast you will be consuming fewer Calories and then end up starving after 2 hours.

It’s not the same with muesli as it has fruits and nuts and can be customized according to one’s taste and it has high calories & hold nutritional value far superior to unhealthy junk.

So say goodbye to bad breakfast.

Minerals –

Some of the important minerals that are highly required by our body such as calcium, phosphorus & magnesium.

Muesli is a good source of minerals and what minerals do is get rid of the excess of water in the body and reduces bloating. Bladder health also improves with the right intake of minerals.

Minerals also an effect on the functioning of the heart and nervous system.

Conclusion –

Now you know what to do with this good information so try to eat healthily and stay fit.

If you like all these benefits, and it triggered you to start eating healthy, and you want to try making muesli at home or wondering how to make muesli at home or any other healthy food recipe like granola bar, yummy energy chocolate bar or maybe something healthy to drink instead of cold-drink, don’t worry I got you covered bro.

so check it out.

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  1. This is interesting.Thanks for such a detailed article. I take True Elements fruit and nut muesli as its delicious and highly nutritious, too give it a try, it is worth it. By the way had a doubt about how do you prefer to eat muesli? any particular suggestion for weight loss?

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