Skipping leg Day – 4 good reason why you should never

Skipping leg day

It’s leg day guys. These words can literally scare someone enough for them to make their mind into skipping leg day but for some, it may excite them to train that day.

In every gym around the world, there is always one or two guys like this. Present to do hit every part of upper body but as soon as they hear it’s leg day, you won’t see them (One of my friends used to do this not used to even now he does).

Great! you have achieved your dream goal shredded back, chiseled chest, huge arms oh wait a minute he’s got a toothpick for legs. This is not a good thing all those time, sweat and handwork would go to waste if someone were to say something like that. There was a time when skipping leg day was my thing, and now leg day is my favorite of-course the soreness is not a joke but what matters is after the image of a leg workout.

There is a simple reason for why it’s a good day for some and why it’s a bad day for some. It’s simply because they haven’t trained their legs properly or when they did their ego took over and made them lift weights that their body couldn’t handle. Eventually making them sacred of leg day start from the beginning because when you do ego lifting you are increasing the risk on your ankles, hips, and knees all these are the important joints.

I know many minor muscle groups look good but when you start to skip leg day to also start to skip on various health benefits accumulated with legs workout.

Reason not to skip leg days

  1. Performance as a athlete

Almost every sport requires the support of your leg whether it’s basketball, football, or hockey. Leg workout increases your strength which in turn increases your leg performance allowing you to run faster than usual, jump higher than usual. If you were to train jump squats with added weight it will eventually help you jump higher this was one of the many examples of how simple leg exercise can tremendously have a positive effect on your performance. So next basketball hoop might be in your reach.

Even in upper body eccentric sports like disk throw, or swinging a bat without your lower body supporting you, the particular sport will be hard for you.

2. Calories burner

When you hit legs you are training up to 50 muscle and hitting them all simultaneously will burn a lot of calories. As of so many muscles being engaged the amount of tension on your heart and brain will increase which in turn will elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism so you will be burning calories afterward and at the time of workout too.

For you to work these bigger muscle you will need energy and for that your body will have to burn more calories.

3. Low chances of injury

If you are an athlete or not you must know the importance of leg strength. Workouts such as squats, lunges and you will notice improved mobility and strength in knees. Strong knees are one less thing for you to worry about in the future. It will also start to strengthen your ankle and hips. So overall you don’t have to worry about your joints located in the lower section of your body.

As you workout so train front and back muscle the same otherwise strong front and weak back muscle will lead to an injury so it’s essential to train your legs the right way.

4. Body structure

Going in the gym crushing chest, back, arms, and shoulder and turning your heads as soon as you see it’s legs day. No doubt you will have a good upper body but what about the lower section?

Skipping leg day week after week will mean having small calves, glutes, and quads. There is no building standing with having a weak foundation same goes for you. Time after time skipping leg day your muscle cell won’t turn into fat but after some time muscle cell will start to shrink slowly and the fat cell will start to enlarge this will make you look less muscular. In short, only working your upper body while skipping leg day you will end up with a body that is out of proportion.

5. Testosterone

Testosterone is a naturally available steroid that is produced in your body. Testosterone play’s an important role in men’s health like increasing strength and muscle growth. Compound exercise increases the level of testosterone present in your body. leg day consists of major compound exercises such as squats, dead-lift, etc.


Sure, you can go ahead and skip your leg workout if you’re feeling under the weather or might have some potential injury but do plan in advance on how will you make up for lost time?.

Having a strong lower body will also help you improve your condition in some diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. So next time think before skipping a leg workout. Be cool and get thru with your leg workout think of it just this one day and crush it.

If you are going to workout 3 to 4 times a day one of those day should be totally dedicated towards your lower section with all the workout you need to keep your calories intake in check and live in healthy life.