How many miles is a 5k, 10k, 15k, half-marathon & marathon?

How many miles is a 5k

Kilometers is ought to confuse you if you live in the USA or Europe, and as a runner, you often wonder how many miles is a 5k, or 10k for that matter. Yes, Europeans too we all thought that Europe has converted to the metric system but the united kingdom uses miles I guess old habits die hard.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a new runner or an experienced one your mind will always have trouble converting kilometers into miles. So if you’re a new runner 5k will be a good place to start eventually leading you to the possibilities of being able to compete in a half-marathon or marathon.

If you’re wondering what does K stand for? I’m feeling sorry for you. “k” stands for kilometers and if you live in the USA or Europe as soon as you hear kilometers you will get confused.

Now the main question, how many miles is a 5k?.

How many miles is a 5k?

A kilometer equals 0.62 miles so, with that maths, 5 kilometers (5000 meters) will be 31. miles long. If you’re an experienced runner then you won’t have any problem completing 5k, 5k would be the same as running twelve and a half laps on a standard race track which is 400 meters.

Just to give you a better picture if you run a kilometer distance it would 5/8 of the mile. Try running 5k it is not as scary as it looks. Now moving on…

How many miles is a 10k?

10k would be 6.2 miles. 5k won’t be hard but 10k is totally a different case to run 10k you need to start running daily for at least 3 to 4 weeks developing your stamina. 10 k would be like running 25 laps on a standard race track (400m) and 25 laps is not a joke.

I would suggest start with 5k and then make your way to the 10k marathon, one step at a time.

How many miles is a 15K?

15k is 9.3 miles long. Now, 15k is on another level being able to compete in 15k you need to be an experienced marathon runner. Just like 10k before entering 15k do a lot of practice, if you want to stand a chance at winning or even completing the marathon.

How many miles is a half-marathon?

Firstly, let us convert half-marathon in kilometers than that kilometer into miles. Half-marathon would be 21.1k and 21.1k would be 13.1miles. It would be like running 52 laps on a standard 400-meter track. Even though its 21.1k most race usually drops the 0.1 and makes it 21k, still drop that 0.1 won’t make it easy for you to finish 21k race. That’s for half-marathon, now let move on…

How many miles is a marathon?

The full marathon race equals 42.2 kilometers but just like half-marathon, most people will drop the 0.2k and make t 42k. 42.2 kilometers would be 26.2 miles. It would be like running more than 100 laps on a standard race track (400m). So good luck with competing in the marathon.

You might be wondering why marathons are 26.2 miles and the reason behind that is In greek history, a soldier named ‘Pheidippides’ ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C According to some legends Pheidippides ran approximately 25 miles to announce the defeat of the Persians (1).

How many miles is an ultra-marathon?

There is no particular set of number that would be the right answer for it. Ultra-marathon is anything that is longer than the marathon. It can be 50 kilometers or 70 kilometers it would be counted as an ultra-marathon.


Completion of the marathon would depend upon the individual and the particular reason for that is running pace is different for everybody factors like gender, age, health, terrain (hike or plain surface), and distance plays an important role in determining that.

Now you know that how many miles is a 5k, 10k, 15k, half-marathon & marathon. I hope you do practice and soon participate in them as it would be good for your health but do look out for the calves’ muscle pain and recovery as it will be accompanied by all the running. If you want to win you also have to keep your diet in check, work out, and eat healthily. There are some types of walks that can also help you build stamina and endurance. Running will be a great way if you want to get into shape.