Giant Set – A great technique, what & how

giant set

There is three good technique that can help you achieve a better result in your workout and they are drop sets, supersets, and giant sets. If you have any doubt about these 3 techniques, don’t worry I got you covered on all 3 of them. I have already have explained in detail about drop sets and supersets. By the end of this article, you will know about all 3 techniques.

You don’t see many people in the gym doing giant sets and the particular reason for that is it’s not as popular as the other two techniques. Being less popular doesn’t mean that it’s bad, giant set has its perk. If you want your workout to be intense and you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym as most working/student people don’t because they have other responsibilities then you should go with this technique.

What is a giant set?

A superset is basically doing two exercises back to back with minimal/almost zero rest. Giant set is an advanced version of supersets. Giant sets are doing 3 or more than 3 exercises back to back with no rest, you can pair exercises that will be targeting the same muscle group or opposing muscle group. The basic purpose of this technique is to hit your muscles from all the angle.

Giant set can take a step and easily become Crossfit of muscle building, In CrossFit is not uncommon to do technical lifts for speed but when you do technical lift for speed your form breaks down hence you expose yourself to chances of getting an injury. The same can be said for this technique when not used correctly. It’s a killer way to just maximum amount of blood in your muscle and gets a really good pump.

One good example of a giant set would be …doing Dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell lateral raises, dumbbell front raises, dumbbell rear delt fly. You get the idea.

How to do giant sets?

The first way to do it would be doing this on the last set of your compound movement for example if you’re doing 4 sets of bench presses do a giant set in the last set. Bench press accompanied by push-ups and dumbbell flyers. If you do a giant set with every compound movement you will be left fatigued and your form won’t be any good. Don’t burn yourself out otherwise you won’t be able to maximize your form and maximize your progression.

You can do three to more exercises in this technique but I won’t recommend it as doing more than 3 exercises will just turn it into cardio fitness. Even if you are hitting opposing muscle groups all the work will fatigue your muscles faster that in turn will decrease your ability to produce force.

Another good way to use them is as finishers for your workout but with light weights. I would suggest starting your training with normal exercises and focus on compound movements ending with drop sets/ supersets/ giant sets.


As I have said before in drop sets and supersets, too much good can be bad for you so don’t overdo giant sets. Here are some giant set workouts for every body part. With a good workout following your diet is also equally important to stay away from the food that makes you fat/ doesn’t go with your workout goal. Do after-workout stretching for better muscle recovery.