What are the food that makes you fat?

food that makes you fat

There are food that gives you energy, food that are rich in vitamins, food that help you lose weight, and food that makes you fat.

When I say food that makes you fat?

I mean, These food list have been linked to add weight on your body.

Over eating is one of the major cause of getting weight, food that are high in calories content or some other unhealthy food such as processed food that is high in added sugar, and fat. Consumption of such unhealthy food leads you to gain weight and then you find yourself thinking it’s impossible to lose weight.

Having question like “food that makes you fat” or “what are the food that makes you fat?” – These types of question raises doubt in your mind whenever you are going to eat something in back of your mind you are always wondering that will it make you gain weight so having proper knowledge about it will help you lose weight while also avoiding unhealthy eating.

so let’s get started with…

What are the food that makes you fat?

  1. French fries & potato chips

French fries and potato is chips is primary choice as snack for most of us. Average 100 grams of french fries serving consists of 330 calories and for potato chips its 500 calories. When you are munching on french fries or potato chips you are not only eating them because usually they are served as a package like with ketchup or burger. So many calories in one meal you’re definitely getting fat.

While potato has many benefits such as high in anti-oxidants, Improving your blood sugar, improving your digestion system, and packed with nutrients this all makes it extremely filling meal but french fries and potato chips they are made from potato but they are very high in calories also tastes good so one might go over board and have too many of them.

Studies have shown that potato chips and french fries are fattening food But on the other hand whole boiled potato being included in your daily diet is healthy and reduces chances of your developing any cardio-metabolic risk such as diabetes as long as potato is boiled, baked, or steamed.

2. Fruit juice

Fruit juice are healthy right but not the one that are sold in packed containers. They are highly processed and contains lots of added sugar in this mixture all the nutrients and vitamin of whole fruit get’s lost somewhere and you are just drinking sugar. If you consume fruit juice daily you will see weight gain.

Fruit juice contains same amount of sugar as soda if not more, also they don’t have fiber and it doesn’t require you to chew so you won’t feel the difference between eating a whole apple and drinking it.

Staying away from fruit juice if you want to lose weight and eat whole fruit instead this way you won’t be cutting down on any nutritional value of the fruit also you can make you own homemade health drink without sugar and with ease.

3. Pizza

Pizza is mouth-watering and they are very popular, most of the commercially made pizza are unhealthy they are extremely high in fat, and calories and often contain some unhealthy ingredients like refined flour and processed meat. Processed food is bad for your health because they include sodium, fat and salt while it makes food even tastier but often consumption of such food can lead you to health diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

Not all pizza’s are made the same way, pizza can be made healthier.

There are many thing that are good about pizza like good taste makes you happy, cheese contains valuable vitamins and calcium. If you love pizza, try finding a place where they make pizza’s with other healthy ingredients such as vegetable, whole grain dough, etc. I have a better solution make pizza at home and enjoy.

4. Peanut butter

Peanut butter have many health benefits like aiding in weigh loss process, boosting heart health, helping you in building muscle. Peanut are high in calories and eating them in excess will lead to weight gain so peanut butter helping you in weight loss only works when its eaten in moderation.

Peanut butter is healthy only when its made from natural roasted or ground peanut with very little salt but many of peanut butter that are available on supermarket self have added ingredients in them such as sugar, oil and lot of salt that makes it unhealthy.

If you can’t eat in moderation then you have to avoid it totally other wise “welcome fat”.

5. Commercially processed food

Lately, there has been rise in consumption of canned, packed food which hold no such health benefits. Many manufactures care about the taste instead of ingredients added into them, they try to make them like homemade food making them taste same. Processed food may have somewhat resemble to the natural/homemade food but there nutritional value isn’t the same as homemade food.

It important to read the label carefully so you know the about the ingredients and is it healthy or not. They have high in calories because of the amount of fat and sugar that has been added into them and people often eat it more than they should have.

Not all processed food are bad but still reducing the consumption of processed food will help you avoid eating unnecessary calorie and you will have significant improvement in your diet.

6. Cakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles, etc

All these food contain high amount refined flour, sugar, making it extremely high in calories too. When these food are consumed they directly add to sugar in your body making it highly addictive. Often extra sugar is added into them which makes them even worse as excess of sugar in our body is directly converted into fat as it is not needed for energy.

When you have craving for this type of food limit yourself to eat only a little instead of going after whole stock, They are addictive so remember whatever you do will eventually have affect only your health.

7. Chocolate and chocolate milk

If you think chocolate are healthy, The healthiest chocolate that you can eat tastes bitter and have high amount of cocoa content, so does your chocolate taste bitter?

Sweeter chocolate contains harmful substances like excess of sugar and chemical additives. Chocolate is high in sugar and fat making them high calorie food and eating them daily will lead you to weight gain and rising risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Chocolate tastes good makes them easy for someone to over eat. Once in a while it’s okay and still if you want to eat switch to healthy alternative that is dark chocolate that contains 70% or more cocoa content. Dark chocolate has many health benefit such as promote the recovery process of muscle pain, high in anti-oxidants, helps reduce heart diseases risk, very nutritional, etc.

8. High calorie coffee drink

Coffee has many benefits such as improve energy level, helps burn fat, boosting your metabolism, etc. Most people just don’t drink coffee they usually add sugar or cream and in no time its go from healthy to unhealthy. coffee with added sugar contains similar amount of sugar as a can drink.

Regular consumption of this will help you gain weight so I would suggest stick with black coffee for it’s health benefits and it will also help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism.


Main reason for gaining weight or getting fat is improper balance between calories that has been consumed and calories that burned. Focus on your start and start to include any form of physical exercise you like such as cycling, jumping rope, etc.

If you want to gain weight you don’t have to worry just eat them but your goal is to lose weight you should cut down on eating food that makes you fat. Once is a while or eating them in moderation is also good.

Now you know what are the food that makes you fat.. Use this knowledge to your advantage and lose weight if you want, still It will help you live a healthy life if you limit on eating food that makes you fat.