6 Strong Benefits of Cycling

Did you know back when all of us were in our golden childhood days and had a time machine, but never knew as an adult we still don’t know till we sit on one, Can you guess?


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I never knew sitting on a cycle after so long would bring me so much joy and good memories.

If you don’t believe me, try experiencing it for yourself try sitting on one and take a ride.

Talking about how good it sounds is a great topic but let’s keep it aside for today or you can tell your cycling memories in the comment section.

Today, I’m going to talk/write about the benefits that come from some stainless steel, two wheels, brakes & chains also known as “Cycle” for short and how it helps in the long run…or should I say in long ride… haha.

Benefits of Cycling for Weight loss

Weight loss it’s like everyone is after this one particular target but some of us don’t have that strong will to endure on weight loss journey every day.

Everyone knows how cycling can be helpful in your weight loss journey but there is a catch cycling slowing like you’re on vacation won’t help with fat you won’t even feel tired unless you’re riding for more than 2-3 hours.

To get that better weight loss result try cycling on moderate constant speed and if you like throw in some friendly race’s in between or do the sprint yourselves.

No doubt peddling requires energy and peddling for an hour or going long distances will make you tired and bathing in your sweat.

In simple words, “weight loss happens when you burn more calories than consumed” so if you’re going to take cycling as your option for weight loss keep in mind the calories you eat and have a good amount of sleep.

Cycling early in the morning will help you with weight loss cause exercising in morning will improve your metabolism which means you will continue to burn calories throughout the day.

Benefits of Cycling for Muscle

In cycling, you start to develop muscle mainly on the legs portion like glutes, calves, hamstring, quads.

When the bike’s pedal resistance is moderate, it builds a range of motion at the hip and knee but it also strengthens your quadriceps muscles (on the front of your thighs). Pedaling works your glutes and hamstrings but not as much compared to the front of the thigh.

And who doesn’t want to have good strong legs?

If you’re dreaming about legs like a track sprinter you need to invest a serious amount of time equipped with strong determination to do so.

Benefits of Cycling for Mental Health

Cycling makes you happy, a fact. Some studies show ‘the people who have adopted an active lifestyle have shown having better well-being scores. Cycling combines the benefits of traveling and exercising at the same time.

Keeping your mental health in check is a good thing knowing how stressful your daily routine can be.

So burning some calories while exploring sounds good, right.

Cycling also helps you balance your cortisol & adrenaline level in your body when such balance is attained stress level is reduced.

So on a solo, ride have a chat with your worries and problems & join a group to broaden your social circle.

Benefits of Cycling for Cardiovascular & Lungs

while cycling increasing your heart rate strengthens your heart muscle you also workout your Lungs, & improve your blood circulation thus decreasing the chances of heart stroke, high blood pressure.

Lungs bring oxygen into the body, to provide energy, and remove carbon dioxide so healthy lungs help you with your stamina. Cycling daily will help you attain better lung health.

A person cycling regularly has overall better cardiovascular health.

 Remember a healthy heart a healthy life

Benefits of Cycling for Joints & posture

The main part of the body that is highly used is the knee and the longer you train your knees the stronger they get and strong knees that’s one less thing to worry about in your old age.

Strong muscles help support and protect your joints.

As for posture, people think cycling and sitting are the same, well they are not.

Cycling helps you strengthens your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, whereas sitting will destroys both.

So you decide which will benefit you for yourself. 

Benefits of Cycling for Environment

Benefits of cycling

Just because you’re eligible to drive that doesn’t mean you should. There are lots of benefits of cycling on your health & environment compared to car or bike.

Everyone complaints about pollution but not everyone has the time or strong will to do it.

Deep down they want to, and cycling is a good way without much hustle Instead of using your vehicle for a short distance ( 10 – 20 km ) choice a cycle as your mode of transportation.

On the plus side, you will help reduce traffic in metro cities. It’s one of the easiest way to reduce your environmental foot-print.

So get a cycle and start peddling towards a good life for yourself and your surrounding as well.