Quick Meditation in 5 minutes


Hi there, It’s good to know that you consider yourself a top priority and want to keep your mental health in check. Mental health is as important as being physically fit. Giving yourself even a few minutes to reflect upon yourself can have a lot of positive impact on your life.

Meditation when we hear this word we directly relate it with peace of mind. Peace of mind is what we all need in this world of the rat race, stressing about work and student’s hectic life is nothing new. We all need to take a few minutes of our day and dedicate it to meditating.

Some benefits of meditation

1. Gives you a sense of calm, balance, and peace of mind.

2. Help’s you with stress as everyone is stressed thinking about the future, tomorrow’s work how will it go, and what-not. Meditation helps you control your thoughts calm’s your mind down so lower the stress better health. Also help you gaining a new perspective in stressful situation

3. Increase positivity in your body. Your thought’s become positive you start to see things from a good point of view. Makes you a kind person and with your kindness you can bring smile on someone’s face, you would give off a great vibe.

4. As you work out, your muscle every day your muscle endurance increases its same with meditation. Meditating every day helps you increase your brainpower like having more attention than average and being more creative.

5. It helps you sleep better & who doesn’t love a good night sleep.

6. You can meditate anywhere it can be your house, a beach, somewhere in the mountains.

7. Improves your emotional health like anger, sadness, etc. & you have better control over your body and improves your immune system.

Now after learning about all these good benefits, if you have decided to pick this habit. I’m happy to know at-least, I made some positive change in someone’s life, Even if meditation doesn’t excite’s you and if you have stress and that has you tensed, worried and anxious with few minutes of mediation you can calm your inner self. so I have written a step-by-step process to act as your guide.

Now how to meditate

Meditation is the easiest and inexpensive exercise for your mind.

First get comfortable, if you have a yoga mat that would be great otherwise you don’t need anything fancy for meditation or a setup like in the gym and all. Simply just lie down or sit on a chair in your balcony and relax.

Now gently close your eye, and bring your diverted mind together and focus on your breathing there is no rule just breath naturally & clear your mind of all thoughts like a blank board and just focus on your breathing, take deep and slow breath. Inhale through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth, and feel how your body moves while inhaling & exhaling.

Notice any place of tightness or tension in your body, and with each inhale give them permission to relax and it’s okay to take few minutes of rest.

So, your mind has started to shift its focus, and that’s okay it’s natural. Just focus on your breathing and you will be back on track. Use your breath as a braking system to bring your mind to stop losing its focus.

Think of anything good happened to you or anything that made you smile let that memory bring some smile on-to your face.

Do it for daily for a few weeks, and then if you want gradually try to increase the time period of meditation.

While meditating playing your favorite soothing song will help, and it will bring your mind to ease, ease of mind is all we need in our daily busy/hectic life. Here’s a site which has a list of some meditational song.