Does jumping rope burn calories? – 5 surprising benefits.

jumping rope burn calories

Does jumping rope burn calories? that’s your question…

I just want to say that “yes” jumping rope burn calories but just don’t think of jumping rope as a calories burner jumping rope is more than that. Every worldwide known athlete has included jumping rope in their workout routine it doesn’t matter to which field/sport they belong to it can be anything from boxing or football or maybe hockey the point is it doesn’t matter

Jumping rope has far more to offer than just burning calories. You will find out about that as your scroll.

It is one of my favorite forms of cardiovascular activity, and a piece of equipment that is cheap, easy to access, and it can be done anywhere unlike a gym or any other normal form of basic cardiovascular exercise like running or cycling. Jump rope can easily fit into your bag so you don’t have to worry about missing your workout.

All these things make it easy for someone to incorporate this into their healthy lifestyle the particular reason for that is you don’t have to worry about daily going to the gym, the commute time from your house to the gym can be saved by jumping rope, and it’s one of the activities that people enjoy doing daily like cycling, swimming, and running.

“Improving your health shouldn’t be complicated”, and it’s true with jumping rope.

Running comes first when someone thinks of working out but some studies have shown when both compared jumping rope was founded to be putting less stress on your knee and burned more calories than running but do know, it varies from person to person, it falls down on how fast is someone running or skipping?.

Benefits of jumping rope daily

Coordination – Tip-toeing from one leg to another isn’t easy and when you are trying to do advance moves like toad style, caboose, or swinging rope twice in a single jump these movements are done when multiple body parts work in unison like jumping at the correct time, or continuous wrist rotation to keep swinging the rope.

A study conducted in 2017 showed improved motor coordination among the autistic kids who jumped rope, they are the same kids that used to struggle with balance and coordination.

Heart Health – jumping rope is a form of cardiovascular activity which in simple term mean related to heart or blood vessel. If you were to practice some form of art daily soon you will be known to be pro of that art, it’s same with this as you will be working your heart daily intensively you will gradually notice a boost in your endurance, and an overall increase in stamina, so that means bye-bye shortness of breath.

By doing this you are improving blood and oxygen circulation from your heart to the organ of your body.

Weight loss – This point was obvious. Jumping rope for 30 to 40 minutes will burn around 300 to 400 calories plus if you go into a calories deficit there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your desired weight. It’s safer to jump rope that puts less stress on your knees when compared to other cardiovascular activities like running, and cycling.

In short full-body workout – It’s safe to say that jumping rope can be called a “full-body workout” and the particular reason for that is your lower part of your body will be constantly working on jumping, while your hands and shoulder will be in motion. All this will be happening while is your core is being engaged.

In the beginning, you will feel soreness in the lower section of your body that because you have been going easy on your legs those muscles were inactive for quite some time but be persistent and jump rope daily you will be blessed with rock hard calves muscle at the same time you will be also working your glutes. So in the end you will have an overall toned lower body.

You will also notice you’re getting a toned arm not like doing biceps curl but to some level because your arms and legs are the most engaged body part.

Bone density – We all know as we age our bone density starts to decline that happens because as you age your body starts to reabsorb minerals like calcium, and phosphate from your bone which in turn declines your bone density this process is also known as osteoporosis. Don’t worry jumping rope got you covered because when you jump rope you put stress on your bones, unlike other exercises that have a minimum effect on bone.

This makes your body respond by remodeling your bones denser, and stronger than before. If you have already broken a bone or suffering from severe osteoporosis do consult a doctor before doing high-impact training.

Things to know before buying a Jump rope

Every jump rope available out there isn’t ideal for you, sure if you’re a pro you won’t have any difficulty in getting along with any jumping rope, but It will have a negative effect on your goals.

Your goal will be a determining factor for example if you’re a beginner whose goal does lose weight and be able to do the basic tricks you can go with the normal weight rope but if your goal is to do tricks super fast go for ropes that are heavier than usual.

Now another important thing is to understand the surface on which you will be practicing, I’m going to assume that you will be mostly working out on a cement surface or a pavement for that I would recommend steel cable wrapped in vinyl which would be way more durable than other plastic ropes available in the market. Just don’t go for lightweight PVC ropes.

Heavier the rope greater the resistance which in turn means greater muscle engagement.

Length of the rope – Another important factor when purchasing a rope is the length of the rope.

To find out the ideal length of the jumping rope step on the center of the rope and pull its end, the end of the rope should reach your chest/armpits excluding the handles. If the rope keep’s hitting your feet it’s too short, and if the rope keeps dragging on the floor and disturbs your momentum it’s too long.

You might think about how to check the length if you’re purchasing it online?… Don’t worry bro, I got you. Just add 3 feet into your height which should be the length of the jumping rope which would be close to ideal.

How to Jump rope

  • First, you need to get familiar with the feeling of jumping rope.
  • Get into position without rope, and start jumping keeping 1-2 inch of gap between you and the ground.
  • Don’t pull back your legs or tuck in your knee. Just slightly bend your knees
  • After every jump remember to land on forefoot first absorbing the impact energy.
  • There will be close to no movement in your shoulder, and elbow, you will be rotating your wrist because swing of the rope will be done from the wrist not the shoulder nor the elbow.
  • Now that you are familiar with the movement try bringing in the rope. Your arms should be a foot away at 45 degree angle
  • In starting position rope should be behind back of your feet. Use your wrist to swing rope over your head.
  • As the rope comes toward your feet, jump. This time jump a bit higher but don’t pull your legs back, goal here would be to complete one swing.
  • Set pace of the swing according to your own level for beginner it’s best to start slow and gradually increase your speed.
  • As you do practice it try bringing your jump back to normal like 1 to 2 inch’s off the ground.
  • Keep practicing.

How many calories does jumping rope burn?

If you’re hoping to burn a tremendous amount of calories by jumping rope you need to know that there are some variables at play that will be determining the number of calories you will be burning by jumping rope like obviously your weight, the duration of your workout, the speed of you jumping rope, the weight of the rope, and duration of workout these all factors will be determining the calories burned. Do know the heavier you weigh the more calories you burn.

For example, if you weigh around 75 kg and you will be jumping rope for a period of 10 minutes, the number of jumps performed within a minute will be from 100 to 120 then the number of calories you burn will amount to 155 calories.

Calculate your own amount of calories burned by jumping rope…Click here to access the jumping rope burned calories calculator.

Can you lose weight just by jumping rope?

Jumping rope is a full-body workout that will have so yes jumping rope burn calories and you’ll lose weight.

Yayy!!! 30 to 40 minutes of jumping rope and I will be burning a tremendous amount of calories. Just don’t yayy yet, Apart from the duration there are other indirect factors that will be determining your weight loss like eating the right diet, your daily routine also has an effect on this process… how physically active you’re in your day-to-day life.

It’s known if you want to lose weight you have to enter calories deficit mode. In simple words, it means you have to burn more calories than you intake thru your daily diet.

Let’s assume that you are an average male who’s calories intake is around 2200 to 2300 calories, and you have a healthy diet intake so to lose weight you need to at least burn around 300 to 400 calories per day extra as your daily movement with or without any exercise do burn some amount of calories.

So I will say it again jumping rope burn calories depending upon the factors that I have mentioned above.


I think after all this it’s safe to say that jumping rope burn calories. After reading this I might have changed some of your minds and you will understand what a great addition of jumping rope would be to your workout routine.

While skipping is all good for burning calories and all but just don’t rely on one form of exercise or else you will reach a phase where you will see limited results. Take proper rest and other cross-movement exercises into your workout routine like push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.

Do it on a soft surface to avoid any knee injury. The person suffering from a knee injury should avoid jumping rope. If you’re overweight don’t overdo it start with minimum speed and normal jump and progress as you go.

I will be writing another article that will tell you easy jumping rope tricks that you can master in no time assuming that you are at an intermediate or advanced level in jumping rope for beginners it would be hard, anyway do try. So while jumping rope burn calories you will be unlocking cool new tricks.