12 habits for a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

Everyone has taken a new year resolution that they will get in shape this year but in reality, everyone is busy with work and studies. They don’t have the luxury of spending time such as getting in shape they are already too busy with their day-to-day life.

What is meant by a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a set of daily habits that help improve people’s overall health, well-being and lowering the risk of falling seriously ill or dying early.

With the busy schedule we’re living in, it’s hard to go to the gym every day work out and sweat, and we try to fit exercise/workout in our daily life but only some of us manage to pull this off & live a healthy lifestyle. The good news there are some things that you can do in your day-to-day life and still burn some of that fat from your body. I’m going to tell you some of the things you can do that would be as effective as a workout maybe not a workout but to some extent, it will help you with adopting a healthy lifestyle.

It will not happen overnight but step by step you will make a positive shift in your life and maintaining that shift is the right thing to do.

Few Steps towards a healthy lifestyle

Fidgeting movement

Fidgeting movements means making any kind of small movements usually being hands & feet. You may have seen people doing fidgeting movements, and you might be one of them or annoyed by them making movements like the tapping of feet or waving legs in the air.

If you’re doing these fidgeting movements that’s good cause these small movements have a huge impact on your health like they can burn calories up to 200 – 500 in a day.

So next time while you wait for your text or your oven to stop do fidget movements like tapping your foot, kicking in the air.

Doing this will bring you one step closer to healthy lifestyle.

Parking far

I bet, you wondered by reading the word “Parking” that how will parking help me with my health & how is it going to help me achieve a healthy lifestyle?

Don’t worry it’s a simple process.

Park your car far from your house at least that will make you walk a little and if you are running late running would help. You’ll have your small cardio session. The burning of calories would depend upon how far you park and run. And if you can travel on a cycle do that it will help your health and environment too.


Everyone likes staring at themselves in the mirror and admire how good they are looking and how to fit they are, but the mirror can be used to psychologically help you in getting rid of binge-eating.

Just follow these super easy steps

Stare yourself in the mirror while eating junk food it may not help you with your calories and all but I bet you won’t enjoy eating it. Workout and all is good, but you need to maintain your diet too if you want to stay fit. The kitchen is where either you build toward a healthy lifestyle or bring havoc to it.

Binge eating junk food won’t help you it will only give you moments of satisfaction & regrets to feed on later. Start eating healthy food like muesli, oat pancakes, etc. & they are super easy to make & nutritional too.

Manual Labour

Walking down the road on a sunny day and saw someone carrying a heavy load help them doing some manual labor work will help them with the load and that little kindness might brighten up their day, and it will have some effect on your health too. What’s better than good old manual labor work for burning calories.

Want to build a dog house, want to redecorate a wall, want to make some household furniture, etc. Do them yourself. These kinds of work can burn up to 1000 – 1500 calories.

Fill your bag

We carry a bag everywhere & every one of each generation like if you’re a student you’ll carry a backpack or a professional then it’s going to be a suitcase so the question of how can we use this process of carrying bags in favor of our health? 

My suggestion would be to always keep 1-2 bricks in your bag and carrying them everywhere and every time. Doing this will increase your body’s endurance and know that you can always help bricklayers who are running short on bricks.

Random Dance

We all dance in the shower so why limit your talent to just showers. Dancing can be considered as one of the best forms of cardio and we all know cardio equals the burning of calories hence burning fat.

Now we spend most of the time in our house where we have free space no one to judge us so when you’re in free space you can add random dance movements while doing chores like In the kitchen put on some music and bring out your dancing talent if you don’t know any moves just wave your hand’s in the air while jumping.

Cooking and doing household chores is already hard enough and by adding the spice of dancing you’re surely going to lose some weight.

“Dance in silent let your healthy lifestyle make noise” – Shy man dancing in corner.

Active Meetings

For professional workers meeting is an everyday routine as well as for students but when we think about meeting the first scenario that plays is everyone sitting and discussing.

Why not change that?

Try having an active meeting, active meetings can be anything like playing golf while being on a business meeting, as for students going on a hike. It can be anything that gets you up and moving plus it would be better than regular meetings and more fun with the added benefit of improving your health.

Being Active on your Free Days

You know the feeling that how we long for free days just no more work and sleeping whatever we want to do but doing that won’t do you any good except relaxation and burning calories would be a dream.

On free day’s try changing your schedule call your friends gather them and play childhood games like tag, hide & seek, etc. It will make you remember how awesome was your childhood, and it will surely make you feel good but while playing you may be enjoying that movement, but your body is using its energy causing calories to burn. It’s like hitting two targets with one stone.

More Walking

We all know walking/running is the best exercise but how often we do it?

In the modern age, our physical movement has fallen to a minimum like want to go to the 12th floor just press a button and abracadabra elevator is here.

Instead of taking an elevator or escalator switch to stairs, walk more like when you are on phone instead of sitting try walking. If your working place or study place is near switch to walking. Pick up a type of walking that will push you and help your torch some of the extra calories like power walking, brisk walking, etc.

If you like cycling, pick that mode as your daily transport you’ll be doing your share in protecting the environment and help your health with the added benefits of cycling.

(Bonus – watch anime and be that weird kid that does Naruto run everywhere).

Piggyback Rides

I don’t know why I thought of adding this to my list, but experience speaks for itself I had to carry my friend on my back to his home when he passed out drunk, Keeping this experience aside it was one of the best cardio sessions.

I would suggest that you should try this carry your kid or nephew on your back giving them piggyback rides & if it feels easy to do lunges with them on your back while they would be relaxing you would be getting strong legs & who doesn’t want strong legs.  Get a friend who drinks a lot and passes out more often than good luck with getting them home. He/she will have his/her ride & you will have regret having a healthy lifestyle… just kidding.

Binge-Working out

If you have any kind of favorite exercise like push-ups, jumping jack, or burpees then it’s good otherwise pick one, and whenever you start to watch a movie or series, pick a word or sentence that whenever these words are said or displayed you will do your favorite exercise.

Set repetition according to your own activity level like if this dialogue comes up I will do 20 pushups or 10 burpees with all this being dedicated to this task is also important.

Hiding food

It may sound weird but this trick do work all you have to do is just tell your friend or family to hide unhealthy food that you are addicted to and that way whenever you crave for that food you won’t find it and thus you won’t be able to eat it.

Only option you will have is to eat something healthy. Don’t go shopping for that food.


Every step we take requires some kind of energy so these small steps lead you to the bigger picture. It’s the same with having healthy lifestyle small changes lead you to a healthy life. What I wrote are only a few changes in ones’ life of many, Nerd Fitness has a post on a similar topic with more than 40 ways to exercise without realizing it.