Dehydrated? 8 types of water with cool water facts

types of water

We all have been thought a well-known scientific fact that 71% of our earth’s surface is covered with water and from all that 71% ocean holds 96.5% of water. We all known and some of us had the first-hand experience that drinking seawater isn’t good for our health. So today let’s talk about the 5 types of water that we can drink.

Water rank’s one when it comes to the most consumed beverage around the world 2nd is tea. Water holds the number spot because of the numerous health benefit you can get by staying hydrated. You should also know that when we talk about types of water it doesn’t mean that they all are created equally some may be light on your pocket to consume but low on nutrients while others may be nutrients rich but costly. Sometimes even drinking a type of water can be harmful than being beneficial to your health.

So here are some…

Different types of water

  1. Tap water

Tap water can be found anywhere in your household from your toilet to your kitchen. Even though tap water is regulated and is generally safe to consume but as rivers, oceans, and other water bodies from where we get tap water are getting contaminated due to this in reality is hard to fully sanitize the tap water from the pollutants.

So tap water has some chances of bringing other harmful substances mixed with water such as aluminum, pesticides, and some other heavy metals.

Plus side of tap water is most of the time is safe to drink and it is easily accessible with just one swing of tap and is light as air on your pocket. It is also better for the environment because it is effectively transported to your house with just a little bit of environmental impact.

If you think your tap water isn’t purified enough or you don’t want to take chances you can easily purchase a home water filtration system to get extra purification.

2. Mineral water

This type of water is pulled from the very earth you’re standing on, mineral water is extracted from the mineral springs and these springs include minerals like magnesium, sulfur, and calcium these minerals have shown to have a positive impact on our health.

Plus point of drinking mineral water is that you can increase your intake of the healthy minerals that your body can’t produce own it on. Another plus point would be that it can also help to improve your digestion and some people like the taste of mineral water over tap water although taste better is a pro or a con it all falls down on the person drinking.

Mineral water is good but it also has its demerits, one of the main drawbacks of mineral water is the cost when it is compared to tap water. If you’re just looking to get minerals then drinking mineral water isn’t worth it, you can hit your mineral intake by switching to a healthy diet.

3. Glacier or spring water

As the name implied this type of water is taken directly from its source it may be in the far north or deep in the jungles.

The plus side of spring or glacier water is that in theory it is said to be free of toxins, we expect glaciers and springs to be clean that also means that we expect the water extracted from them to be clean as well. While they are extracted from the source it doesn’t mean that they are not easily accessible you can find them at your local store or supermarket.

Just like other types of water glacier and spring water also has their drawbacks like it can be pricey when compared to mineral water or tap water and some of the spring water are raw, unfiltered, and untested so that it can pose potential health risk on what it might contain.

4. Sparkling water

As the name suggests this water shines bright like a diamond. This type of water is also known as carbonated water or soda water. Sparkling water is made by infusing it with carbon dioxide while being under pressure.

Plus side of drinking sparkling water is that if you have a soda addiction drinking sparkling water might help you get rid of it because it provides the fizziness that other types of water can’t provide also unlike soda, sparkling water doesn’t contain any added sugar but they do offer minerals, it being a bonus point.

The downside of drinking sparkling water is that while sparkling water does have some minerals but not just enough to make any positive health impact. Sparkling water tends to be much more expensive than tap or bottled water. Sparkling water also lacks the taste that typical water offers it just tastes like fizz without the sugar.

5. Distilled water

You get distilled water through a certain process and that process is you boil some water and as water turns into steam it will start collecting on the lid now gather water on the lid in one utensil that’s how you get distilled water.

Distilled water is a great choice if you’re going somewhere and there are some chances that their tap water can be contaminated with distilled water you can make your own without any contamination making it drinkable.

The downside of drinking distilled water is that there are no minerals and no health benefits present it’s just plain water. Another downside is that if you’re making distilled water yourself it might take some time so if you’re thirty avoid distilled water. Also when there is no mineral in water it has the ability to pull mineral from where it can in this case it would be your teeth.

6. Purified water

This type of water is a mixture of nature and science, to get purified water the science would need access to tap water and with the help of filtration, you will remove all the harmful bacteria that may be lurking making it safe to drink.

Plus side of drinking this water is that it’s free of bacteria, one of the great examples of purified water would be tap water because in a lot of countries before the water reaches your house it has been already purified.

The downside of purified water is when you remove all the bacteria in the process you also get rid of good stuff like fluoride (It helps reducing tooth decay) plus to get purified water you have to buy a water filtration system which can be costly.

7. Flavoured or infused water

what can be better than getting hydrated and at the same time your taste buds like it, it can only happen when you’re drinking flavored or infused water. Once again as the name implies these water have been infused with artificial flavor or natural sweeteners.

The pros of drinking this stuff are it goes without saying they taste good. They can be your healthy alternatives to soda or cold drinks if you’re addicted to them especially when the water has natural flavors added to them instead of artificial flavors.

While it has its pros it does have its cons, cons would be the sugar in infused or flavored water can lead to weight gain. It can be also harmful to people suffering from diabetes also some people may react negatively to flavored or infused water if it has artificial flavors.

8. Alkaline water

The alkaline in alkaline water refers to the ph level in the water. Alkaline water has a higher ph level when compared to normal tap water as it has a higher ph level some people believe that it can reduce the acid in your body and slow the aging process while further scientific studies are needed in this subject.

The pros of this water depend upon the believer in alkaline water because as some people belives it can neutralize the acid in your body and slow down the aging process but there is no scientific proof on this matter.

The downside of drinking alkaline water would be that it could lower the level of acid in the stomach making it harder for your body to kill harmful bacteria. Drinking alkaline water in excess can cause nausea and vomiting.

Cool facts about water

Now that I have told you all the different types of water, their pro, and cons and if you think you still need more knowledge about water here are some cool facts that might blow away your mind.

Fact No.1 – About 6800 gallons of water is required to grow a whole day’s worth of food for a family of four.

Fact No. 2 – Next time you drink a pint of beer, remember that it took 20 gallons of water to make that pint don’t let it go to waste.

Fact No. 3 – Ever wondered how long you can go without food or water?… without food you can go for as long as a month but without water only a week, now you understand the importance of water for your body.

Fact No. 4 – Do you know how much a gallon of water weights?… Water weights about 3.6 kg a gallon.

Final words

Now that you know all the different types of water you may think which water is best to drink? There is no right answer to that question as no type of water offers greater health benefits than the other so just make sure that the water you are drinking is clean and safe.

Drink water on a regular basis, stay hydrated and if you do worry about the health benefits don’t just depend on water try some homemade health drink or eat fruits. if you find it hard to drink water, get motivated, hit the weights, and drink a lot of water